Our activity covers all corporate costing fields. We concentrate on improving the functioning of systems operating in the individual spheres, on the improvement of quality and standards of information flow and on quality and utilisation of all existing sources.

Our measures are in their entirety of the character of organisational and system changes, thus they do not require any new investments in technologies or computer and information systems. We prepare and implement well-tested models for the following fields:

Finance management, administrative forms of collecting and controlling liabilities, supervision of invoicing, number and level of exploitation of administrative workers, information flow for the top management.
System of procurement management, assessment and selection of the most suitable suppliers, storage management and their most efficient running, item turnover, optimum inventories.
Planning, management and organisation of labour systems, the role of the shop-floor and medium-level managers, identification of the optimum number of labour force and task "standardisation".
Elimination of any waste and losses in energy handling, introduction of the most efficient exploitation of the existing sources.
Maintenance planning, introduction of the new philosophy of responsibility and incentives.
Remuneration systems
Special attention is in our projects devoted to the system of remuneration of individual workers, as this represents an important element of creating a highly motivating environment. It is in this field that we have established and tested in practice a system integrating piece work pay on the one hand which monitors the real performance of an individual, with stress laid on quality, and on the other hand, the simple system of time wages as this system does not require sophisticated administrative control. This system represents a very efficient tool in that that it allows flexible response to immediate specific requirements. It means that it also can influence with varying intensity not only the volume and quality of individual tasks but also the moral development of all members of work teams.
Procedure restructuring
In the course of each project we analyse in detail the key procedures that overlap the individual division so that they can be cleaned of any inefficient or unnecessary elements and, on the other hand, new factors introduced allowing for controlling key costing items. We have in mind such processes as the management of commercial jobs, the course and organisation of manufacture of such jobs, from the contractual phase over their manufacture proper and despatch and invoicing, as well as any subsequent after-sale servicing. We often come across situations when the organisational structure that is in fact supposed to support the current processes, in many cases acts in contradiction to this task. Such restructuring then potentially results in a proposal of a completely new organisational structure. This process is closely linked with the exact identification of the fields of responsibility of the individual divisions within the company. It is on this basis that RESPONSIBILITY MATRIX is established. Such matrix is here to prevent overlapping of responsibilities for certain activities to more than one division, and eliminates lack of direct responsibility for such activities which none of the divisions may want to accept, as well as establishing the exact scopes of cooperation in such activity by other divisions.
Support in introducing information systems
On the basis of an analysis of the existing information system, we are able to substantially shorten and thus make cheaper the implementation of information computer technology since we apply the philosophy of simplification and cleaning of the information flow before it is transferred into electronic form.
ISO 9000
in the individual spheres, our support to implement and pre-audit individual elements of quality standards can extremely speed up and improve preparations for certification under the ISO 9000, and/or EN 29000 standards. Quicker implementation and error elimination cuts down on acquisition costs of such certificates. The certification itself is then implemented by our partner organisation RW TUV Praha.